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Visit and put together your best moments and memories

Many picture books are meant to be sold, to stay on a shelf to recall for this or other holiday remembrance, to be introduced at a professional conference, to lay down the family tree, to give it to your loved one, etc. ... In short: There are as many reasons to print your picture album as they are useful. Non-chlorinated paper, ink with vegetables ... Get into a place of consideration for the future. Easily make your own personalized picture albums printed from mysocialbook. Discover this universe to get your digital photos and documents published. This team of graphic designers and printing technicians now has the know-how at the disposal of individuals.

The layout

When you want to consist and produce the content of your photo album, the layout is really important. To do this, the website will allow you to import your images into the application. You can do it from either your hard drive or social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Paste the photos on the pages instead. Automatic pasting can also be preferred. Continue by adding small comments or captions on the photos. Be creative, and take inspiration from online ideas. Their software is optimized and intuitive, with a view to facilitating your experience. You should be able to move from one page to another with ease.

Get yourself delivered

Don't forget to build a personal account so you can save your job. This phase needs only your email address information, and a password. During the cycle of bookmaking it will be given to you. You're about to get your photo album ordered. Calculate how many pounds you need to make sure you are getting enough. You just need to make the payment. Consider also the gift card option in the case of a gift: decide the amount and give the card as you wish. Thanks to you your loved ones will make their own collection.

They are engaged concretely

Do you want concrete actions? Participate with them in ecofriendly sustainable growth. They are committed to respecting a national specification, as close to your concerns as possible.

  • They work with you alongside their project partners. A smart job organization, for you guaranteed thanks to their support:
  • No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing of their chemicals. Optimal handling of waste and liquid (safe storage & disposal) are assured.
  • Preparation of the staff, contact with the clients.
  • Monitoring of energy usage.

They do not make your albums far from home. The laboratory is nearby.

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