Moving forward in SEO with us

SEO is essential when talking about an effective webmarketing strategy. It represents the most sustainable and profitable traffic acquisition lever for customers who have trusted us. Whatever your industry, SEO will help you evolve your business on the Web. So, join growth hackers consortium to guide you in the best strategic decisions in terms of SEO.

An SEO Review

Before starting your web project and developing a SEO strategy, we strongly recommend that you perform an audit of your site, if available, and study your competitive environment in relation to the positioning of your company. This work will serve as a solid basis for a sustainable development of your project and will guide you in your web strategy in the short, medium and long term. During an SEO audit, several criteria are analyzed: the technical structure of the site, internal and external linking, and the quality of the content. The technical audit helps us isolate the penalizing or blocking factors identified on your site in order to jointly develop an appropriate and effective SEO strategy. As you are not alone on the Web, we also study the SEO strategies of your competitors.

Netlinking & popularity

The link strategy is to increase the number of hypertext links that point to certain pages of your website. These links come from other sites (external links) or directly from your site (internal links). The links give power to the site under certain conditions. If the external links give more power to the site (SEO juice), they are also more difficult to obtain since they do not depend on our good will alone. The establishment of internal and external links is a sine qua non for the good positioning of your site, especially in a highly competitive sector.

Keyword Strategy

After having exchanged with you around your business, your objectives, your target and your competitors, we use various tools, databases and methodologies to search for and find the words and expressions likely to capture a qualified audience.

Thus, our team realizes a complete preparation of your website to allow it to be very appreciated by search engines.

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