What are the differences between Front-end and Back-end?

What technical terms ... these words fascinate the ears of naive people. You must never be impressed by the words, only the acts. In short, a lesson in morals but get into the heart of the matter. Know the meaning of these two words.

Front-end development

We understand quite quickly the definition of this word of British origin. To be a little more precise, this term "front-end" will designate the elements of the site that can be seen on the screen. We will be able to interact with the browser. You need to know that behind the scenes of these animations are codes in HTML, CSS and Javascript. These languages ​​are interpreted by the browser thanks to the website developer. They thus constitute Front-end development. This includes fonts, character styles, transitions ... All this to say that the Front-end is composed of the design created by the web designers via tools such as Photoshop or Fireworks and also codes of programming put in place by the developers. This is not enough to keep the site running. Thus enters the scene the "Back-end".

Back-end development

Any website houses below the back-end work. Back end development consists of web hosting by the servers, the application (website), the database governing the page. This is an example to be clearer. You will book in a hotel via its website. You will have to confirm your reservation. If this is the case, your information is transmitted to the database that is stored on a server. The person responsible for administering this kind of action is the Back end developer. Do not play on the words because at the base, the developer Back end is the one who starts the problem first. The front end will only have the task of beautifying the product. Back-end include Php, Python, Ruby, Symphony, ... The frameworks are there to improve these languages ​​such as Ruby on Rails, Cake PHP or other. If a person master both these two types of development, it is called for this purpose a "Full Stack developer".

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